Sunday, January 25, 2015

Bardic Bulletin, Gobman's Dallbach

Ah, the least poetic time of the year, when we are in the depth of winter and spring is laughing at us a long way off.

Yes, it's time again for the annual anti-wotever Gobman's glorious revolution. The Gob Lady has been having a bad time of late, with actual work – so she won’t be boasting too much online with the rest of the trolls and her followers. Don't bother checking back till the middle to end of March or start of April.

There won't be any updates from the Gobman, but there will be a series of extensive and varied boastings about a very shouty back catalogue, unknown by everyone in the world but you volunteer/s hanging round in the hope we'll find and fix you somewhere to appear in print or person.

The most deserving of the Trotter Gobtown Rhymers n rats squealing for that whatever we say do it Gobman Gobtown lurv fram moi yr fanny fukin fellor. Innit. Fukin great m8s.

You will find my other half lashing out the usual Gob Lady crap and bolloxology with the rest of the fukoffarty twitter-dicks then and now. Both the bullshit and lies have been fukin mighty over there the last decade.

Gobman'll be spending a lot of time this mid-winter sniffing round strategically with the Gobtown silver back imbhas forosnai wannabes – especially Jesus, Mary, Joseph and Jayn. The five ass-lickers, as we are known in Gobtown. But I call them the four boring cunts and will let ye naw if weez gerrup te owt maw xyitin' than ass-licking our way round Gobtown. Knowing well which ones to suck on most obsequiously; and no doubt will be doing so for most of this mid-winter.

Before that Gobman, gob lady and gob cat, dog and gob gerbils, are heading to the shithole of Karkbai, to give a series of ultra-pc male-feminist thingys called summat, I dunno, to the students on the shouty start literacy Course above in the Best Food Raw Vegan Angel Healing Centre.

Gobman loves the Best Food Raw Vegan Angel Healing Centre in Karkbai, where he learned little and forgot the rest; from the lessons in the Clowns Dept above there, the staff of which are altogether uninspiring and from whom Gobman gets this preachy whine of entitlement and mighty plastic shrill 'me me me' sound, altogether.

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