Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Andrew Scott #1

Brave New Man

Brave New Man just sits in his chair
Thoughts of starting again taking over
Off to space, he will stare
Finishing one chapter and starting another
Making peace with what has been done
Knowing that hurtful things will be said
As another walks out to the setting sun
And he starts a new book that has not been read

Brave New Man knows that there will be whispers
The people will want to know why hearts had to separate
A reason has to be given to the others
Yes, they have to investigate
Movements will only lead to rumour
The smallest item bringing assumption
Making up other answers
Without answering the question

Brave New Man is trying to deal with all the emotion
Happiness, sadness and anger all mixed into one
Shoulders dripped with tension
Expressionless face a bigger weapon than a gun
The wrong person will feel the rage
Of the Brave New Man’s new outlook
The bite of an animal out of a cage
Looking to take back what was took

Brave New Man has to look to tomorrow
While embracing yesterday
Letting go of the sorrow
That fills his everyday
Look forward to the new adventure
Finding hidden joys of life
Take every positive as a treasure
Ridding himself of strife

Brave New Man must face each new day
Know that it will be different from before
That he really does not have a say
On what is in store
Just embrace the new life and spirit
Make it what he can
New challenges making the soul lit
Showing the world a Brave New Man


Andrew Scott is a native of Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada. He was raised in a rural farming community, and started writing in his mid-twenties as a way to bring order to things he was dealing with in life. 

Many of his poems are based on people he has met, passed on the street, seen on a bus, encountered in everyday life. Others are created from photographs he has seen, or people he made up as he tried to envision someone coping with different situations in life. Andy was quoted saying , there is a little of himself hiding in all his poems, but it is up to the reader to figure out which part.

His book of Poetry and Prose Snake With A Flower is available now.

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