Sunday, May 01, 2016


I step from the airplane
my hair melts dead air
I walk quickly, click-clunk
click-clunk, click-clunk.

Barbara Jordan, bronze
and sober, glasses poised,
the last like myself I'll see
for three more days
and three more days

forever. Outside I slow
the click-clunk to a three
sound crawl; click,
click-clunk, click, click-clunk.

I am a woolly mammoth
stuffed into a cab. I bear
the long silence
of my extinction through
the rear view, my head
on the back seat,
horns akimbo. I melt dead air.

Humans shoulder blame
for the loss
of large mammals like me
a new study finds.

The cabby is my cousin.
My cousin carts my husk
to my Diarama.
The radio says; the tide
is high. The radio says

I'm gonna be your number one.


Samiya Bashir

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