Thursday, June 30, 2016

Why you are SHOUTING.

Leed's finest, Lee, twenty-five, swastika tatts: Am a nationalist, standin upfi ma kuntreh.

Please, the working-class, Stockholm syndrome sufferer, someone has hacked this account and taken over the voice of it and you are being made to write against your will, a mentally-chained perma-viktimid, brainwashed by the English class system all England is born into, and the working-class acting against the best interests of you, your collective mind, hijacked by the working class phony 'new' Labour tory Tony Blair, indoctrinated, lied to, kidnapped by the language of New Labour-Con, that makes no mention of you, silently stolen, stripped of your identity: 'the hard working people of this country', without a name, a wholly invisible, seventeen million Brexiters, the many Bremainers claim, and no both sides, split by Bojo Gorj Guv and Dave, four mountebanks with loud braying sales pitch, all the belief, hope, identity, love and only your one true working-class prayer, the one corner of England you can escape to in your imagination when being constantly abused by the four Lord tory boys and Conservative party's primary male abusers, silencers of the one true English culture that is not Etonian's Bojo, Dave, Gorj and Guv's, laughing at you, blamed for their mess, pissing on you and our peoples' faces and speaking very very slowly and deliberately, as if we are very very stupid, and in a very very loud voice condescendingly mocking us and laughing at us defecating into our mouths, stealing our very agency by one verbal trick of sly speech and in English they are re-configuring it, fit for purpose, into phony blares they confuse and switch and bait, this then, click that move this, no yes what where are we?
Not one straight statement. Were is the surplus Gids prom'd us, yeh yohl, their backs turned on ours and laughing in our faces you believe it's your fault, because they have an Ayten voice that strips and brutalises you, in what you think of as their language but that is actually yours, the lions led to see ourselves as a donkey when one of the tuck shop toffs turns up and starts. Ordering us about, first with smiles and confident bearing, lots of promises, beads for everything from where we're standing to the end of the horizon.
We gave them it, everything is theirs now, and you too, volunteering you for their wars, their long lists of silent dead working-class millions, yet it is their songs, their language, not yours, and you are silently informed in a patronising piss take voice you secretly fear, love, loathe, and every single living thing within us, that can be got out is in your language, but without the pomp, the pageant of recorded history, it is all theirs, the rich golden haired white donkeys braying at us lions in their zoo, for the past six years.
And it is at the stage we have run out of new ideas and if anyone has any, please do not air them here in this zone at this time in ongoing and uncertain political events. Anything can happen. Zeus toppled the Twin Towers, the left cannot hold, working-class phonies they are all Blairites, loyal to the hard working people of this country, as 'wortking-class' is no longer in use, after being banned, quietly, in a secret memo from the office of phony blares, that has a .DICKHEAD extension that opened released hundreds of quislings and clones, factory workers paid to not ask questions and vote for what they got told to by the enforcers and a Messiah that we regret to inform you, is wholly unreal, fake, not there, from the office of fake blooms in culture and language, here come the blerts, you can listen to them fart God Save The Queen, shit on Her Majesty's Crown, in gramma's face, make or break the Unions, and all this for the very reasonable price of treacherous cretins delusionally perverting the cause of Democracy. 
Knowing they are up shit creek facing the crocs, the chancers and cheats buried up to their necks in everything that happened, seem petrified now by the dead millions' collective accusatory voice. For the first time since phony Blair decided to kindly bomb democracy into their countries, hear it speak. 
A voice they've thus far managed to magically block out and separate from the day to day business of bluff, bluster and spin creating the New Labour 'democratic' (Old Labour 'undemocratic') process of inclusive (highly exclusive), tolerant (no disagreement allowed) and aspirational (austerity) Britain.

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