Thursday, May 27, 2010


Got up and went down Oliver Bond to get some smack - mainlined trainlined fein-times 'n all over in a rat a ta tat - the voices in me ed makin it all go wibbly jibbly yoo yah - then thinkin - dunno why it's been so long - p'raps it's just the superstrong cider - wuffle truffle miffle moffling 'n that wiv Al 'n Lol over at the jiscmail poetry site, doin a bitta bullyin of the sexist, racist satanic unpublished wankers who fink thee can gobble on yobble in ya ya yo yeah - d'yiz know wharra mean - or not?

Spud calls, 'bout 2.30- wants to have a chat - AM - 'bout a job next week in Windover Lit Soc. Another round with our beloved, unwashed unpublished unjunked virgin mooey tossers of the faux scent breeze - seamlessly askin, maskin, taskin, waskin - chatterin frills inta tha slaps, taps naps p'raps bcuz of bein depressed - regressed, no finesse - all the worlds a wibbly jubbly foo faux co moo - loo row so - yeah, fucking great day.