Saturday, March 29, 2008


Sprung from Rome via France, we came
to Kernow first. The foot of Prydain

Fawr, a frozen island of twenty four
Pretani Brython speaking pre-literate

kingdoms there, before the great penal
Claudian army came with Atrebates'

King Verica who fled from Silchester
àfter Catuvellauni Epaticcus took

his tribal land Ver's father seized
when Julius Ceaser's mind fooled

itself in a wind Mark Anthony sped
under: slapped the cliff and shed

crocodile tears beneath when green
sea lapped; and facing an imploding

red roman tide of imperial death
to the East: papered on spring-wed

blows, a pot of hospitality all those
racing, writing and reciting, WaR-ring

sideboard-strategist know-alls knew

a tent

flapping the jealousy of Epaticcus
venting icy raging blasts - star struck

Hypoborean island mixtured sleet
and ice:

always it has been flappy: two, three
generations and all returns to same

the framing utterly unchanged, quo
irrevocable - grandchildren wedded

to inventions and inversed soul, green
non-existent foundation-fluxed lingo

springing lies to accumulate and thaw
in learning to ignore a throw of fictional

faith and tantrums Roman thinkers
looking westward for hearing their

there lore as truth arisen throw

as if the ghost (s/he speaking through
us with a honey-kissing tongue moving

our mouth-streams to the original
boundary of fictional beauty-recoquo)

who arose arias and still does:

spring the English American freedom
of being bezzie pals conquering

the world of all its ills and, the great
rat-egg double feckin luvin it Larhn

den hand-gum being cool, wiggly
on da rood of a god given verse god/s

give and we got: extemporisation
living lingo, freedom s/he controls in us,

each unique quotidian speech - all four
seasons in a single vista when farthest

West - unbelievable in the mind of a lamb
Alba ba ionic wind and invisible weather

shee women return: to all who travel
under ground and move through ether

as wind airing breath springing eternal,
blue-shirted daily mail good aul Ossie

mosleying mostly to Jordan's unfortunate
dream being born a pink pony princess,

sounding trill proselytizer/s who arose
in eenie meanie miney mo

Mister Authorial Dough Boob

rose under the dawning thing under


a can and branches barely
glowing floating bloody cultural chains

cherisher/s of nothing we neither hear
nor heed, but act and talk: horrifically

of what s/he wore criminally trivial
and/or reasonably mortal belief s/he is

answering prayer of flowers returned
in a well of time at the foot of Flower

Mouth-rock profusely woven silver
strands of Clonakilty dreamers, three

quarter Connacht's words spamming
at work in early unfair 20C springs:

spying a post no eye deleted before

- ice completely depleted, we air -

from forum to forum , over-spy eyed
in the sharp clip of clarity caught over


when shiva is there
Shiva is here;

everywhere far beneath jumping
into space apportioning Moirae

space reversed
space spare

spare space freeing forward weaving
back and weft : into returning air


and everywhere a tick in equine locks
the wind whipped turf in creels of bog

s/he is and we have been: are hosting

boasting moderator/s posting carved
air etched good - ordered springing

in a current along one electric seer
logged in - seered and surfaced

the end-name talisman of this shade's


who lives in the other world beyond
consciousness or ken of many; and most

know not her brand of words leave
shimmering , bob fixed and turn psychic

air: extracting from space the sheer self
trick of ghostly desires lulled, floating

through an open thought-door straight
struck, spliced mainline in softly

- some say non-existent -

pictures plucked from Tír na nÓg

cormarant perched on the foundation
base of O'Connell Street bridge pulling

fish from green water as neon-struck
rust-cans float by:

come escape and stomp sodden belief
underfoot; web in frozen crushed fish

towering above trout, let gut-logic
mangle in a looking glass, then conjure

woman married four times who cured
gout-limp in Clare's bleak mid-winter.

. white witch herbalist living in Feakle
piston-sleek mind unhindered wrapped

weighted and who read an empty blue
bottle reflecting light: our minds will

steer absurdly straight this track
sense depicted, and you will

- twenty yards from the Q Bar
ten feet below the Liffey tide-mark -

reveal a world lit by Faha's Biddy Early.

. unopen the door again, is ajar Artless
maze imagined through which we your

dream - what are we here to host - flit
from form to ingenious form quick

& beautifully seizing a basket drained
full with petals held by a womb above

the day below instinct carelessly
scattered, faint honed mourning

thinning away, the thought before us.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

The video below won the best political video in the youtube awards, and has had one and three quarter million views.

In this multi-media visual and textually poetic: Clash of the Civilisations, which illuminates by highlighting the similarities between humanity, the juxtopistion of images, combined with text, works very well, and demonstrates the power of the individual to effect change armed with only intelligence and compassion, which on this of all days, is one we could well ponder on believing as the creed and dogma of love and peace..

..draw a rational pattern, make sense of the mindless realties s/he assembles by media driven, sales and pitch, one liner hooks, no trick to low, to stuck up, posh, scum, scanger and nun, all of us in it together, from beginning to boundaries end, life leading us eventually to a cross-road across one more maxim from the mouth of a mersey ó bhéal, s/he detached in enobling airs and inward grace/s manifesting bloom of a goodness expressed in person and print.

grá agus síocháin.

Monday, March 17, 2008


Happy St Patricks day.