Saturday, March 22, 2008

The video below won the best political video in the youtube awards, and has had one and three quarter million views.

In this multi-media visual and textually poetic: Clash of the Civilisations, which illuminates by highlighting the similarities between humanity, the juxtopistion of images, combined with text, works very well, and demonstrates the power of the individual to effect change armed with only intelligence and compassion, which on this of all days, is one we could well ponder on believing as the creed and dogma of love and peace..

..draw a rational pattern, make sense of the mindless realties s/he assembles by media driven, sales and pitch, one liner hooks, no trick to low, to stuck up, posh, scum, scanger and nun, all of us in it together, from beginning to boundaries end, life leading us eventually to a cross-road across one more maxim from the mouth of a mersey ó bhéal, s/he detached in enobling airs and inward grace/s manifesting bloom of a goodness expressed in person and print.

grá agus síocháin.

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