Saturday, September 03, 2016

Frakoolna No Nona Tick Mick.

EU Competition Commissioner Margrethe Vestager said in a statement that member states of the EU cannot give tax benefits to selected companies. "This is illegal under EU state aid rules," she said:

"The commission’s investigation concluded that Ireland granted illegal tax benefits to Apple, which enabled it to pay substantially less tax than other businesses over many years."

Apple has been ordered to pay 16 billion euro back taxes to Ireland's Revenue, and both Apple and the Irish state are appealing the ruling. In 2003 Apple paid 1% tax in Europe, and by 2014 that had been reduced to 00.005%, due to the financial magical thinking and fairy wizardry of the Irish corporate tax system, where Apple's corporate headquarters are registered and from where they get away paying 00.005% tax and keep everything else to spend on themselves and their shareholders.


What if Revenue took the back-tax and the end times prophesied by the cultural energy vampire Michael Noonan did not happen .. what then?

What if Noonan is wrong? What if he is worse at prophecy than his predecessors were wrong about the cheapest bank bailout in history that the noble and tragic Brian Lenihan unwillingly signed off on when a handful of the most crooked white collar global rogues and fellow Irish citizens presented Brian Lenihan with a ransom note, and putting a metaphorical gun to his grey matter, spooked him, I think, and this triggered the act of pecuniary suicide that has chained in debt what handful of future generations seem left, I think, perhaps, before overpopulation, climate change, war and the consequences of every other wrong decision made in a decade and a half of continually wrong decisions, keep on keeping on the same way, route, road paved with only the magical thinking of the exotic and ingenious tax avoidance and non-tax models creating much of our specie's increasingly shrill consciousness as it feeds in a loop of exponential addiction to the blindingly obvious terrible outcomes we read as the signs confirming a general decline and rapid extinction of the human species over the coming two and three generations, should humanity carry on the same course of action and belief it has been exhibiting since the wrong WMD decision, delusion, fiction, set in train most of the current hot cultural, global geo-strategic, political, financial, societal messes the world is in because of decisions that resulted in outcomes that originate with the assured magical thinking of morons who insist on foisting their delusions on the world that do no good at all, at all, at all.

I do not believe our tiny part of this small speck of a planet, nor the entire human race, can sustain itself, and think we will be well on the way to extinction by the end of this century. It is the mindset, model of consciousness, that we must change first before we can reverse out the hole we dug ourselves and start doing the right things instead of continually creating the wrong ones with our collective and singular magical thinking.

What if instead of being cowed and terrified into believing we must hostage our children's future to a handful of billionaires' fairy stories our collective magical thinking has us brainwashed are not a lot of rubbish but the truth; we believed the world would not only not end, but be vastly improved by regulating these bozos into paying tax?

What if instead of listening to the people who created the messes in the first place with their no tax magical thinking we know is not working, we just politely insisted corporate tax scam maestros, book cookers, new tech industry mumbo-jumboists, and the current generation of new industry global taxcrooks such as Cook, Bezos, Zuckenburger, Starbucks et al, like every other normal business and person is required to by European legislation - to stop acting the maggot, play fair and pay the tax they have avoided paying these past two decades?

If they did, I think the end times will be further off, because the first right step has been taken. A change of attitude, a change of mind from magical thinking to logical humanity thinking. Should it happen now, this shift in consciousness; all will be grand in the medium term for our species, perhaps. Tim Cook and Co from cooked books Are US, may dress very casually as one of the world's most public tech gurus peddling the claptrap on his rip off brand one must recharge eight times a day because of intentional battery malware that makes obsolete Apple products within several years of buying them; but behind the act is a very cute hure not paying tax anywhere in the world except a piss-takingly minuscule amount here that not only globally humiliates us in the sixteen billion eyes of the non-nationals, and the 99.9995% of our species not resident in Ireland, but is also dangerous for the world as a whole, perhaps, one sometimes wonders.

This zero Irish tax model only exists because a handful of men in a minority government representing 00.0005% of people on earth, insist the 99.9995% accept and believe our voodoo and magical thinking, that works for a half a bus of people on earth, whilst the other eight billion are slowly working out we are not only expected to worship Tim Cook and Co as if they are gods, without whom our lives could not exist, but that any questioning of the premise of what they are doing is not encouraged at all, at all, at all.

No wonder, because the employees that make their disposable shit are slave workers, and they do not pay any tax. The double-speak of these greedy Gradgrinds and Scrooges are fooling fewer and fewer each day with their lines about doing what they do because they are an immensely caring part of the world; that we the rest of humanity call corporate conmen not paying tax.

The global corporate tax avoidance defenders have shown us their true colours now. The thoroughly fake liberal lefties heading the new tech revolution, that have never paid tax, with their sweat shops in China and slave wages, creating intentionally disposable crap quality products creating a world of misery and authoritarianism, their entire model founded on rubbish, waste, continual rapacious consumption, their un-taxed profit model - is the offshore modern equivalent of what the previous robber barons' Trust Funds were created to do and did do very successfully until the new telegraph and rail industries were properly regulated and forced to start playing by the newly created rules.

Cooks model is the entirely unsustainable model and mindset that Reality will wreck upon the rocks of an accelerated extinction of humanity unless a voice is heard that registers with the elite ones behind the earpiece and tech Messiah shtick, and hearing it they then change their ways and start paying tax like all normal businesses.

If they and we do not change our mindsets and consciousnesses, then we will become more delusionally emboldened into greater and more culturally poisonous behaviours and fake discourses of total ballox in a strain of sheer meaningless gobbledygook spouted by compliant and brainwashed nation-state victims of global corporate abuse being ventriloquised by the handful of billionaires corporately abusing and brainwashing them and in the process playing the principle role of transferring the sovereignty of billions of people into the hands of a few billionaires and willingly facilitating and creating the legal framework and architecture of a global corporate oligarchy.

Fot Nraculna's and FG's ventriloquist Tim Cook called the not unreasonable tax demand 'political crap'. Bringing to mind Victoria Nuland's 'fuck the EU' attitude when she was at the front of the coup as the principle coordinator of that EU American cooperation in the overt overthrowing of a UN recognised sovereign state's political administration.

Emboldened beyond belief already, the crooked Cook telling the political administration of hundreds of millions of Europeans, 'go fuck yourself'. He is not paying tax because he has creative accountants and a compliant gombeen state only too delighted to be a global victim of American brainwashing by utter drivel, and creating this increasingly retrograde mindset of robber barons disguised in a modern geeky cover language of pure stroke, spin, bluff and bluster, behaving as if the rules do not apply to his corporation because they do not, pleading special privilege and using a defense that if any person or small business here should when Revenue come demanding their annual slice, are immediately disabused of that exact same notion of not paying tax because you view paying tax as 'just political crap'; that Cook and Co have been enabled and officially encouraged to make-believe and experience, on steroids. It needs to be changed in the urgent best interests of our species, perhaps, I think. Hmm. Should Apple pay tax or not? Hmmm. No, no Apple should be allowed to pay no tax because I live in Ireland and do not care about the rest of the world, only what's in it for us here in the global centra of magical thinking doing it for yohls. Word. Any old twaddle.

Revenue's non-compliance on this matter is being presented in the least convincing tone by the souljahs of the Gael. Tim Cook and Michael Noonan alone should not decide and self-regulate Apple's global tax situation with nothing but the creativity and willingness of Irish accountants to cook up brilliantly crooked scams, loopholes and global tax avoidance schemes that in practice boil down to the new tech industries and global corporations paying nothing. Virtually zero tax.

With new industries unless their scams and loopholes are made illegal and the new industries currently in a wild west robber baron state regulated by some form of strict open fair global and local tax governance the tiny number of creators and beneficiaries of them - as we see today - get away with what everyone else has to pay for, and just keep literally everything for themselves and a tiny handful of elite billionaires who justify what is clearly to any rational fair-minded detached observer, a loada ballox, by claiming special privilege, that the scams should stay in place because paying tax is 'just political crap.'

The delusional corporate chief executive grade A for apple crooks dangerously subvert the will of the human 'us', the 99.9995 percent non Irish national, as they are doing in Ireland today, and what the corporate cowboys from America did in Russia before Putin was elected and stood up to the carpet baggers and stopped the worst of what from this distance we can also crystal clearly recognise as dangerously destabilising bent swizzes and practices that local regulation was brought to bear on in that wild west cultural and social situation there. Which spawned cultural cohesion and stability in Russia that has seen its wise world leader elected continuously to power with an increased mandate every time by an overwhelming majority of Russians since the alcoholic who was pissing away Russia's wealth and humiliating the office of Russian President, appointed VP as prime minister.

Whilst a FG government, and the four million of us making up 00.0005% of humanity here, are told it is all grand by our leaders; this long term act of prostration before and worship of a fictional non-existent corporation paying no tax anywhere in the world, this lovers match between a brainwashed thrall and Charlie Manson, may be viewed perhaps by the other (eight thousand thousand), eight billion non-Irish fowkz on the planet, in a wholly different light that from their perspectives will, one would speculate, be the belief that Ireland is a failed financial state and culturally delusional basketcase compliantly volunteering for global humiliation by its pro-active targeting, facilitating, enabling and doing the corrupt bidding of rogue tech and other corporations headed by the contemporary 21C's equivalent of their Edwardian predecessors the Astors, Carnegies, Harringtons, Kennedys, Morgans, Rockerfellers and Vanderbilts; before Joe Kennedy went from being a poacher to the gamekeeper and created a structure and model that broke up the Trust Funds and got them paying tax that was invested in infrastructure and created millions of jobs and is viewed in retrospect as completely the right choice to have made in the longer run. Yesir.