Saturday, December 10, 2005

Listen to Write and Recite poets 6 Dec 2005 - Dorans Pub

Hello Houston, we have lift off. Click and listen to Write and Recite from

  • Write and Recite poets recorded on Tuesday 6 Dec 2005

  • Patricia Farrel - Raven - DJ God aka Mike from Meath - Mr Incredible & Ovid Yeats

    Yes, it's 12.37 pm Saturday 10 December and I arose under the mistaken impression that it was 2 hours later, at 11.30, thinking it was 1.30. Intolerably early for rising I know, but the day demands it due to the special nature of the occassion. It is my sisters 40th and I have to go and help put out the fairy cake and salmon paste butties at the Yacht pub in Clontarf.

    But the good news is that the Write and Recite poetry grouping is out there live for the first time. These are the poets whose voices can silence the chatterring drones of poesie pontificating from their toff and wannabee posh towers of critical omnisience, clinging to the fallacy that the greek and romans will give them all they need as poets.

    These poets at write and recite are by far the most cohesive, vibrant and exciting grouping in Ireland today, and will weave their words anywhere, at the proverbial drop of a hat, very much following the Amiri Baraka ideal. He says if you think your stuff is good then go tell the men digging the holes in the road. These poets will do that and they develop by challenging themselves in the real world, not in the artificial envoronments that the usual heavyweight wafflers do, torquing up the lingo and trying to make limp encounters at university conferences sound like weekend bare knuckle free for alls in Ballymum chippies.

    The reason we have to read the bores in traditional mass print media is because they are the educated ones who have the werwithall to get their words out. The Write and Recite grouping of poets is headed by Gerry McNamara who has run Write and Recite for the past 2 years and is a breath of fresh air in literary circles, as he has none of the usual pretensions which some open mic and local poetry organisers have. No inverted snobbery or designs on a knighthood, just down to earth Irish sense of fair play and equality for all.

    Next week we will hear one of the best buskers singing in Dublin, Damien Davis, who is the origianl Damien Dempsey and Paddy Casey, as he was their tutor during the International days when Paddy and Dempsey were but raw. The reason Damien missed out on the recording contracts, even though he is just as talented, if not more so; is simple. He doesn't have the face for teenage bedrooms. So he will open next weeks show and blow you away with his work.

    Clcik and Listen. I must be off to the Yacht pub.

  • Write and Recite poets recorded on Tuesday 6 Dec 2005

  • The night is Write and Recite and occurs in Dorans Pub, Temple Bar Square, Temple Bar, Dublin every Tuesday after 8.30pm. This in the city centre on the south side of the river Liffey. You can not miss it.


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    Mike said...

    Hey. I saw your comment to that bastard there on his(?) blog. I salute you.

    I will be taking a look at this blog, what with my meager grasp of poetics. I shall bookmark thee.

    Mike said...

    Hey, I finally got my damn browser to go to this page. I had to swat the spyware off my computer with a stick, and run full-keel just to make it! Anyway, I listened to the recording for this week. I especially liked the last poem, though I take it that it was a written poem being read (?). I wish I could puzzle it all out, but maybe that would be contrary to the intent. It definitely didn't seem like something one could absorb completely at one pass. I really like 'whip-pitted intelligence'. You know, I feel like that's all I see are these supposedly intelligent people who are completely confined and driven to a definition (or set of definitions), of intelligence itself even, that has been conditioned into them. The poem as a whole was very sensual, and that blended well with the abstract to give a surreal feeling of involvement with concept that really are untouchable.

    Oh, and...

    nice blog, good work, keep blogging