Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Love Day

Last year I was sat outside the disused Bewleys Coffee shop on Westmoreland Street flogging my love poems for two euros a go. It cost me ten cents a sheet, and I rolled the printed copy around an inch and a half plastic pipe and sealed them with a wax seal I forgot to pay for from Reads stationers. I made 150 euro, wrote a poem to order for a guard and another one about a charity worker called Linda who was prancing in front of me.

That day last year was the first time I met James Anthony Kelly, who is from Kerry and one of the few poets in Ireland who makes his money without public subsidies. He sells his chapbook on the streets of Dublin for a fiver a go and when the goats and sheep are sorted out in fifty years from now, will be remembered for having an integrity unrecognised at the time. I thought it fitting that the day I started selling my stuff to the public I met James, as I had heard about him as a local legend for months. His favourite saying about some of the more high brow poetry do's is

"There's precious little poetry there."

Mairead Byrne, the Langpo queen currently in USA but from Dublin, name checks him in a poem she wrote, and which I heard at a "Meet The Beats" spalsh at Mother Redcaps pub Septemeber 2004. But this one was written in 2003.


Underneath it all
we talk
over and above what is;
so why not stay a while
and let me dream
of life with you?

I will not make a hollow pledge
of empty words
which promise something
I can’t give;

the wind
the sea
or starlight’s shimmer
on your hair.

The bond I undertake to seek
exchanges comforts
found from understanding
and being understood

when I gaze upon your form
I see emotion as a mirage

you, the one love
who will never truly stand before me.

Your flesh can be only touched
in dreams
when reality comes alive
in epic tales, played out nightly
or in that half snooze state
I sometimes get to fool around in'

a world where my desire for you can be indulged


Anonymous Poet said...

You flog your poems for two euros a go? Maybe you could stop by my site and tell me how mine might be worth! : )

Anonymous said...

I met James Anthony Kelly in bar in Dublin some 14 years ago. He was selling his poems for 1 irish pound. Just dug them up out of a forgotten cardboard box. Send my regards.

Anonymous said...

i met him in galway about 5 years ago... and i bought 2 books off him... because he had the same famous name as me but mixed around a little.. brought him for a whiskey in the pub beside the hostel,, he was a bit of crack.!! a.j.k Perth,W.A