Sunday, March 12, 2006

Mother Love

The post immediately below this one is a bit heavy going for the more casual reader, so I thought I'd top it with a lite post and poem. I was reading that last night Sat 12 March, there was an Irish bloggers award bash in Dublin. As usual I heard about it the day after and missed out on meeting my fellow Irish bloggers. With that in mind, this poem needs no explanatory notes. It was written for my mother.


I will love you
in a thousand years from now
when the sands of time have
worn our bones to dust
and we are both at rest
beneath the film of earth
which sprung us to life.

And I will love you when
eternity holds
pincered in its grasp
the memories of our long
forgotten lives

which dissappear into the
ether like a single rising breath
and mingle with humanity's mass
to travel as the sap of sunlight

ascending through consciousness
in one short flash
before darkness snaps and
swallows us back into the womb

sweeps us to the moment
when the pith and gristle of
existence can begin
as our souls once more unfold
upon the threshold at the nexus
of life and start swimming from
the shallows to the deep

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