Wednesday, April 12, 2006


Her face of flat black leather cap and spectacles
Sally, a willowy Miami Uni poetess
in V neck sweater, being
.perfectly average
- a tinge of show off Spanish -
is verbally kicking Cuban Culture in the good ole U S of A.

Next Irish up is Barry
a flop top of wedgy coiffuer.

My Alternative Life

is a thump tub rant of masculine end rhyme,
then he waxes
For Abbey
Dave Franklin
makes an appearance on his set list
bullseye quiver rhyming
June with Moon.

I extemporise a write through of his words
snaffling them
over the heads of old friends turning into relationships.
His cessation makes way for Sweeney from Tipperary
with long scratched back curly hair proclaiming

he's so shocked coz she's selling rock

a point he makes the central thrusting conceit
of the warbling tune,
injecting the odd earthy word before turning to
CCTV doing real time stage wise

although his words do not embrace
the ubiquitous proliferation of the lensual explosion
and he wraps up knocking off a love one
which pricks to last beyond his total moments.

David Noone takes the stage
straight from a moody shadow Irish booze ad
- all black hair and knee length serge coat -
to share his
a rant on Plath's poetics
before spouting
a coffee shop composition
poured out in a mid Atlantic elasticated bass warble.

Cigarettes and Coffee
is the lengthy drawn out repetitive finale,
his ramble lip synch swirling look
drawn from a drunken cut price vein
of the James O'Broin school

his manner, savant like and devoid of embarrassment
much like MC Benelux Phil
preceding, with a few fag quit verses
before Aisling's
What's it all about
veers words toward and away from slam and trad simultaeneously.

I wrote this poem written at a poetry night about 16 months ago, pretty much off the bat as I was watching and listening to them. The italiscised words are lifted directly from the mouths of the poets I describe in the poem. I read an interview with Heaney in the Daily Telegraph and he concurred with Billy Collins and Amiri Baraka, that the stuff that comes out quickly and unlaboured is the work which tends to stay the test of time

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