Friday, May 19, 2006


There's been quite a bit going on here Dear Reader. I got a bashing on Monday two weeks back, in the early hours of the morning. Just the one blow, to my left eye, which went completely bloodshot and so this injury means I am not looking at my best at the mo.

It happened in the early hours of the morning, and too be honest the exact details are a bit hazy, I just remember coming too in my bed the following morning with a sore face and realised I must have got a clump, but didn't have a clue if it was as a result of violence inflicted on me by another, or an accident on my part. However due to a cut just below the eye that looks like it may have been caused by a ring, I have decided to retail the fact of a large man punching me once.

The original tale was that I stepped in to save a crowd of heroin addicts from mugging a group of nuns, but no one seemed to believe it, so I dropped the nuns and changed them to tourists, which was far more acceptable to the objective listener.

It's been nearly two weeks now and the redness is fading, and it looks like I will have a faint scar to deepen the bag under my eye, but such is the life of a bloke who boozes a lot and talks about poetry non-stop.

I can imagine the scene.

Monday AM - Desmond Swords -Pissed up poet talking loudly about Irish mythology is appointed as a suitable target by a large man who likes the odd spot of recreational violence. Some folk like to go dogging, others play chess, some want to hit others for sport, it's entirely understandable innit?


Last night I went to see my Jazz Duo play, Gavin and Sarah who are going to be backing the poets who turn up to the poetry night I am setting up at Monster Truck Art Gallery, the very bottom of Francis Street Dublin, opposite St Patrick's cathedral D8.

Every other Thursday, that's fornightly, starting on May 25, there will be poetry going on and the Jazz Duo were bonus I bumped into by chance last Monday (a week after the eye bash) at the back of the Irish Film Centre whilst looking for Sweeney or Fintan, two poets I know. I don't have a phone and always just bump by chance into my Art pals, usually in Temple Bar Square or the back of the IFI, and was thinking we were overdue a random encounter, or more hoping because I wanted to see them in person to give them all the spiel on the Art Gallery do. But they weren't there, Gav and Sarah were instead and we got chatting and it turns out they are studying for a BA in Jazz at Blackrock College and are well up for the collaborative venture.

Last night they played the Boom Boom Room above Conways Pub, Parnell Street, which is the building from which Patrick Pearse surrendered to the British army in 1916 after the Rising.

Yeah yeah yeah. More later.

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