Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Happy St Stephen's Day

I no longer live with noisy neighbours from life's lower orders who muck with the aesthetic flux, but in a bardic attic 15 feet by 45 - and glad to be out of the plasterboard coffin called my previous home, as those who read the last missive will know.


The stuff I'm interested in has just started to be appear online and it's written by very knowledgable historians.

The net is ideal for those who specialise in something so high-grade, antiquated and unread, It is the perfect outlet for publishing their work as it brings a wider audience than a handful of colleagues and friends

I've been full steam ahead here as I can just read till flopping. I've been reading lots of newly posted research material, so the brain-slog is simplifying as the guiding information I'm after comes to my fingertips to - hopefully - thicken up the poetry. Getting it beleivable by getting to know the historical facts in Ireland from the earliest printed record. There is a truthful picture to find beneath the haystacks of traffic and I'm gathering the needles which will unpick the fiction from fact.

The accurate information coming online helps me speed up the process of seperating myth from reality in Irish manuscript, as info which used to take a lifetime to access and assimilate starts getting Wikipediad up by academics. This is the latest draft of a piece which is part of the process I hope will continue and control my learning mon amigos.

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