Saturday, March 03, 2007

Monster Truck Spring Reading

Come, laugh, relax, blather, gas, learn your craft at the ultimate temple and trade speech, watch, hear sonic-beauty whirr your inner gyre and buzz with Dublin poets - 5 Euro in - free booze - Mondays.

All welcome.

Monster Truck Art Gallery - Francis Street, city centre, South of the Liffey.

The perfect spot to gather, recite, listen and develop acoustic skill, with smirting area and hard-drive capturing the magic for those wanting computer quality cuts of their textual selves at the orgy of live oral utterance, on the front line of love in an art gallery at the heart of Dublin's urbane art and soul district.

Monday night's formatt is continual poem or song, one per person going round in a loop, to reduce waiting time and keep an even karma in the temple where all those predisposed to wordic fantasy and exageration can verbal, 8 - 11 pm, bouyed on a professional bono free ambience and off licence priced tipples. The real thing. No rip off.

Let loud roar, come super gobs and gab on a near gratis night, in the fittest environment for linguistic practice mon online compadres. Foster onto a public stage for the mutual benifit of all mankind your hocus pocus there, sojourn to this sophisticated place of many layers and find the verse you fought dawn's smooth rising for when the thorn leaf opened in the sun, dew-wet life was salmon and Seigas and the sound of reality ringing abroad was speech and song, at a world where poetic wordplay is the order of business.

under a mathmatically democratic entertainment policy, talk of the sky and eagle above who washes its wings by the wind of the sidhe on all souls night, breeze through to hear and dissolve in the ambience before leaving for home, hale in good cheer and with the memory of a hopefully poetic experience from a night of controlled instinct and sense of speech the aural mesmerist lead you to - Monster Truck art gallery near St Patrick's cathedral

the Liberties - bottom of Francis Street (S End) next to the Brown Envelope antique shop and opposite Fallons pub.

Monday 5, 12, 26 March and 16 April

8 till 11pm


The Poetry Director of the Monster Truck art gallery in Dublin needs poets for a summer reading series, so get in touch before the April funding deadline at Poetry Ireland, for May/June readings and recieve a fee for your recital. This deadline is every two months. Those wanting featured readings for July/August should get in touch before June.

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