Thursday, April 26, 2007

Some of the jealous Guardian sparks are hacking critically impure thoughts, pulsing negative synaptic activity and dull psychic energy, which impelled an eruption of intellectual poetry.


Incertus hermit in attic rite

Appeared wielding a key-pad

His poetry written in the tap

Verse language, its currency a pool

And exploration leading her mind

To Patrick, butler of William no more

Yeats a magus, his sister Elizabeth
Sought elemental gods at Helicon

Heights, flopped and allotted Cuala

His muse of habitual address

Breath-goddess imprinting a Word
His sidhe-marked borders unwind

Spoor as breeze through spiritual

Knowledge dead generations guarded

Ancient miming gods on the cusp

Of being wrought within a complex

Arbiter silly Willy, his love the daemon

Decoded symbol of god their custom

Paladin truth rode in Amergin

Rote on a quay riotus wordic

Love the Liffey broadwalk Dublin air

River deciding flow and ebb from urge

drop, cop-on gods turn out your tune

In a sea
Beneath steps
Sea bound salmon
Listened for nuts, fish
Swum through squalls

The audience of water talking

Sedate enthralled shameless

Divining life's uplift of force, Maud:

"I uncertain as waves circulate and obsess

Island herd me into the unmentionable

Offence original error poetical seeding."

Isuelt said to a rabbit unlucky in love

Man who knew the art of inversion

Self inactive living within vellum

Who liked his donut dipped in opium

Factory Mac his Mo mechanism darn

Sock hoed optimum ground reason

Tow-psychosis in theocracy

September the first New York

Poland, Adolf and the boys.

"Don't you just love them"

Democrat George thought Bill

Said mishearing mistress speak

Pulling a foot back sprung flush

Feet sing down up ignore ballast

Crafty conning ear-conquerer

Belfast artist posting ground back

Name Falcon of Horace Tyrannius

Ruffinus and Oregin rolled on a tongue

Colum's dove oak ascending one's note.

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