Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Smiley wiley lets get chatting
bitching, a black/white wo/men
She who shall remain nameless
in the sky ship, a mother earth
deity fictional, and strongest
power, Belief, makes reality "it"
happen and Capitalised, on a page
there or absent, one decides it
alone, like double O spook cops
conspired who to top and not
when shooting to kill it in ulster.

But ideas can't be stopped
do not die, but rot corrupted
all avenues the cul de sac, cash
Cuhullain's Answerer, thanks
absent, island hospitality
the frying pan in flames
goidel, raider, native petrol
england by proxy, England it
aint, but belief in the wo/men
sitting on a throne, daft hat it
slips and falls, s/he mirage gone.


Omaniblog said...

Greetings Background Artist,

Strange things happen now: I write a comment in response to you on Shaddowlands. I then go off to O'Bheal thinking that I've finished with you. I find a link to a site that looks serious and I think I'll leave a quick comment to say I've been. And then I realise who's authoring this blog...
Whoever's pulling the strings is doing a good job.

Background Artist said...

Thank you very much omaniblog my faery lover of the intellectual act at synaptic level.