Thursday, June 26, 2008


At the core of this blog, is a very perplexing question, asked in a language that challenges any potential responder to the full.

If the person holding strong faith in God, wishing to share it here; how far could they articulate before their religious views were deemed too dangerous for the reader/s?

Is it possible to speak of God in all but the most superficial sense online?


I have donned the name of God, in order to assist in the search for greater coherency on this eternal psychological state.

Some say now, God is dead, that we are just a collection of flesh, blood and bone and consciousness a bio-technical electrical state, pointing to the metaphor of the computer.

The material state of our body itself, based on a binary system of directional logic that progresses forward, through either-or gates, and a brain itself, the Intelligence where woman is man and vice versa, fifty fifty: the Mind god edging toward artificial intelligence, programmed by our own natural, cosmic, God given one.

Thus, if a person from 1500, through some glitch in the fabric of time and eternity, through unknown reasons of how, ended up 508 years ahead in the future, wandering down the Strand in central London, or times square NY say: surely they would believe the very devils of magic were all around them, and throwing him or herself into a state of total mental disintegration perhaps, begging God to make it all stop.

How could one begin to explain that the moving pictures drenching them, surrounding the natives, unaware of how the tv and advertising Images control our behavior and all but living ghosts to the Tudor time traveler, whose mind would need more than a lifetime to make purchase on the realities behind these, are simple, plain truths of the physical IT world.

One in which IT defines us, a society reliant on information and quantum technologies and which would collapse as the time traveler's Mind, in their tentative first exploration into this, lets face it, almost as to be effectively, unanswerable conundrum on the reality of God.

And in the opposite direction, if we were to enter a lift in the Pentagon, and exiting find ourself in 1500, facing a placid Piscataway tribe citizen, 146 years behind the first imperial proprietor of the District of Columbia, Cecilius Calvert, --- private owner of a stretch of real estate inhabited for thousands of yrs the English king Charles one, decided to allow call be Maryland (as a colony for catholics, currently under the spiritual squeeze from puritans, quakers and trad prodestant faiths) --- and knowing the only chance of taking it single handedly is to whip out the gizmos and gadgets that are part and parcel of global existence today, the locals would consider them magical objects; not the simple logical things they are.


i think this is the basis of the fabric of reality, and God is like the binary state/s, of being a singular duality, something which is alone and with its opposite, both at once. A time dependent state of continual choices, either or, at all levels of life. From molecular to global, from the emptiest of heads filled only with hate, mass murders on the hands, conscience, both or none, maybe i am over reaching, after all, this is only a simple blog piece and not the object for one's deepest musings in print, on the subject of God.

God, in the few religions i know very little of, it seems, is a state of being, an order of fate, which the believers know through the words of the men (it was 99% men) who God spoke directly to, telling them to write down whatever it was they did; just like God is talking to me (only joking) ....prophets or charlatans, it doesn't really matter now, as the exact texts the many religions are founded on, are more weapons in games of rhetoric between interested parties, concerned enough to bring us the words of whatever God they claim to speak for, the one true one, naturally.


We are told by the publically religious, what God wants us to do and why, with varying degrees in the sincerity of belief, depending on what impulses a preacher to talk, usually a lot and at length, in their vocational career of spreading a Word via spiritual tenets of the God they claim to speak for.

Love and peace


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