Monday, December 22, 2008

Arghhhh!!!!! mmmmnn... yummmy yummy yummy.. lurrvve, darlink darlink darlink,
squiffy super dooper... oh my god oh my god oh my god !! arghhhh

.. gimmie gimmie gimmie -- let me touch, let me touch, let me touch, let me touch - the hair, hair, hair, so so fantastically blowy blowy blowy...arghhh, arghhhh....ummmm, yah yah

come, come, come, need me need me need me. arghhh!!

yes, yes, yes -- want want want want - need need need...arghh!!!
oh my god, oh my god, oh my god.. arghhhhh!!!

..die, die, die dying darling darling
let me love you one more time, upright darlink be mine tonight

Mandy motion one more time
darling, darling, ummm mandzie

mandzie wimby womby bemby wemby
noh ! noh ! noh ! arrghhh !!!!

wickle mamby
darlink you poor thing, come mandz
let mwee make it becker wiv a wuvly wickle floral print

checklist --- hair, teeth, hotpants, esturay mahnday
dahrlink gonna gwiv yoo a B, B, E and moors of mockle main,

any day noo mah gwin yiz
twickle madnzie, twixle yiz iz soo intellectual that yiz iz
gonna git made into a star mandzie, darlink,

wiv a nickle tatterz caterpillar dwess,


wordnerd7 said...

checklist --- hair, teeth, hotpants, esturay mahnday ===

:) . . . ! (but too dim to understand last two words. Most frustrating . . . $#@)(*&^%++& !)

. . . lovely post, reads as if written by a delirious puppy rolling around in the snow. . . It's all white under a shockingly bright sky, in the view from here today. My idea of perfection.


3p4 said...

Desmo baby,,merry good times,exuberant embody meant
allow me to unw rap a little crizmz pressie what i give you a month or so ago
cos i dont expect you actually saw it was a package,,good tape job huh ?
What is Poetry?
Do you know the text Amergin's Answer?
i do now
Renaming Swears Reaming Answers Regain Warmness Answering Smear
i do now

all words are anagramattical of amergins answer x 4

Renaming Swears ,,,des assures us
Reaming Answers ,,,scathing rebukes
Regain Warmness ,,,are mitigated by
Answering Smear ,,,being a response to grievance

i am honored to have had my first post here deleted by you,,
a gesture so poetic,,no finer credential is conceivable
"I was Deleted by Des(n+1)"

Background Artist said...

Molly baby, I didn't delete you, I just didn't publish it. It is still there, waiting to be published. It has not been rejected, just held there, waiting, waiting, waiting..

How come you aint out in the bars of Shaughnessy, on King Edward perhaps, Cuelle?