Friday, May 01, 2009

LOADSA TV (Live from Cassidy's)

The day begins at dawn
Just before the rush of pure cut chit chit chattin
gets surround sound switch on boiling into life.

They’re talking on the sofa
Tripping out celebritelly voices and whipping up instructions
that are pointing all directions

sending out to the brainwave central space
behold no loss or trace in space because
because; the tv told us so
to listen watch and have a go
at knocking up some cupboards
and cooking back to back on the milk spill chilled out chow mein show
with real life Zen presenters hookin’ up the gods above
and there
beyond the tube that place we’ll never go.

So ho ho ho

Santa Claus is comin skatin’ through the stars on invisible reindeer
dancing prancing
kicking in to life the cool dudes in the jungle
and sellin souls by bagloads down the tube chip chimney

squeezing tight the hard core stack of good good goodies
right bang on for year round always primetime Christmas floor show
with aunty Joan
Uncle Pat
Brother Ken and
chimin in
alzeim’ old timer Grandpa
givin in the loose talk on long gone no more yesterdays,

because; it’s gotta be here to spark in now and raise that roof to cloud burst shoutin loud
comin at yer
comin in yer
comin straight right through to lose what’s left before the goins getting good and gone

whistlin’ up the wishin’ slippy image
flickin ‘n frolerckin’
fast paced
livin in the corner box space
drippin’ intravenous and suckin’ leccy like there’s no tommorow

only this
only now
never then
coz; how's that gonna work?

Aint no chance of pullin’ round the sun before the settin’s settled down and done today;
switched dates
pumpin up the numbers
stretchin them the time
one by one
bye bye

go buy another one
five four three two one left off what’s not no longer on the outside
coz insides livin’ lifesize
spending daily bit by bit by byte wise
striking up the magic onscreen constant two four seven three six five forever

till TV trip out buckle up the wheel goin’ round down town;
and blowin in litter
so’s looking like a lotta trash’s gonna be goin’ head to head
thrashin’ out whose best by pollin’ mobile textin’ vote

cheap beep beatin’ numbers
breakin’ down the door spoken in the voice of god.

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