Tuesday, July 04, 2006


This Thursday 6 July from 8.30pm - Guest Poet and Open Floor@

Monster Truck Art Gallery
bottom of Francis Street
opposite St Patricks Cathedral
City Centre
Dublin 8

Guest poet

Orla Martin

She speaks a superbly luscious language which investigates a space of accident, chance, heartbreak and relationships, armed with only a modern imaginative flair for spinning from the air between listener and reader, a pure poetic fabric as light as silk polished whitethorn blossom softly billowing, moire and smooth down the outline of rock dolmen beds which litter this wind drenched land like wheat husks shook empty of myth. Orla is also a prize winning poet with pitch perfect delivery and a talent that shines from every pore of her being like butter gently rubbing in a glow of golden warmth, advertising the fact that a hot and sticky existence in the summer of 06 will be dripping in the Liberties come Thursday night.

All are welcome in a totally PC compliant ambience, fully in line with ministry of cultural affairs legislation implemented for the benifit of all citizens of this land where words tumble from thought to speak with a clarity born of swiftness and precision passed down from a language incomprehensible now we can remember when we laughed at life square on, in days existing as only memories held inside, distanced from this moment by rotation measured time we'll never halt or with any words define.

This session will be recorded on my Mp3 and with a new condenser microphone, which means we will have a radio standard recording for a special edition of the Enchantingly Gay Way hosted by He who shall remain nameless but has the perfect face for radio.

Come on down and bring your own booze.

Open Floor for all to spin their lingo on.


Da Dreamer