Friday, July 21, 2006

The poetry has been flowing thick and fast, as I have been a very busy bore of late, witnessing and reading the word. As I type I am listening to Brendan Murphy, this years Cuirt slam winner. He is from Liverpool and will be going to Chicago in October; the prize he won.

This is as part of the Whitehouse poets podacst, which was recorded in June.

In the last few weeks I have seen Paula Meehan, Evan Boland and numerous others, unknown in the main, but a lot of them, red hot. The art gallery gig has been going well and I have a podcast ready to go online once I pay up the dough to the blogmatrix site. I cut up the readers poems into verses and have snippets of 20 seconds or so, alternating male with female and backed by a trippy Led Zep intro I looped.

Last night we had 15 turn up and the week before around 25, but as I sat on my MP3 player last Tuesday and it is getting fixed in Germany, I was unable to capture the magic of Dave the singer, Raven the San Franciscan genius, Bashra the South African and all the others who commune in that Francis Street Temple of Art.

Tonight I will see the Salmon poets at the Writers centre and tommorow I will go to the Yeats exhibition at the National library.

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