Monday, January 22, 2007


Source a way in: purchase, pull up
make foot upon a shore of conscious

and reason the world to turn on its
axis - Sword released on old plain
five days after crossing at Tallaght.

From street to hospital death-bed a
week ago.

The day of return we share your
weight uncle, from alter to hearse
man of small stature - your mass
easily borne by us uncle, brother, father
and son

"Does Mr Mooney know Barney?"

..the number of lipstick
in bags thrusting forward
is up on our mother's time
when bags were smaller with
less lippy inside to item, fix
view or spring from the eye a
picture absent or image left
to rust til it completely exists.

"Dear do we know?"

He lived before Nemo swam
and vanquished him to exile.

Extinct: his trill of love's now
silent on tape in a box of memory
pristine up creaky step and rung
locking an attic in sound, shadow
and the ghost of Homer in visible

ear-craft, eye - tongue, seer to flaw
the imprecise mind resting on a
table cloth uncle John, love
swept asunder in the pit of tears.

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