Sunday, July 15, 2007

People in literate prayer seeking to execute what dream within your mind moves the world to Love, care not for the men who seek to influence the affairs of humanity with a fearfull address, composed by skillfull sophists wanting only to steal the bread from the mouth of beauty and turn the desire of rich dictators to existential fact, speaking of a crisis non but they believe, create and address by force of arms.

Care instead for the people around you, the real life here and now. Do not tarry or stray into the intellectual realm of these - mostly - men, demanding absent others in lands far away, comply with the instructions written by them to further their material gain on a diabolical scale, to suck the earth of all her resources, for a swathe of penthouse and yacht, minimum wage serfs and for no good reason.

Not to further the aim or cause of Love, but selfishness and greed, cloaked in the shabbiest of con, of doing it, not for themselves, but for the absent "other" they would not piss on if s/he was on fire, but who they claim as the intended recipients of what Hate they try to speak as love.

For Love cannot be faked and fear never the basis for a successful relationship of any description, for fear breeds silence and lies, the painted smile of a terrified "other" victim, a child in india, iran or iraq with the snub of a gun pointing their way by a teenage trooper in shades and bomb jacket, there to spread democracy, bring stability, overthrow an oppressive brutal dictatorship and replace it with another, friendlier bunch who fear them, pretend the marriage is hunky dory, ignore the truth, that a mistake is best admitted, dismissed and forgotten, not dragged out in farce, the sinner unrepentent, being led away by men in masks and coat to the delusional rest home of failed armchair general politicians, the world wreckers doing it for good aul jee jee dunt yer noo.

Jesus their personal advisor, noughtie jesus the one they invent in the attempt to legitimise murder, turning truth on its head. Christ, jee jee never said that did he? Or are the rich dictators possessing a deep spiritual commitment to their gods, God and inner divinity, Love if one's lucky, millions dying when time chance and accident collide and the children of rich dictaors get the Messiah bug. Daddy telling them they are a prophet for good in the family businesses, make money for God, kill for jee jee, crusade for peace with a war first policy..oh Love do not abandon or cast off the yoke of memory and what wisdom there lies, draw up true the knowledge in poetry and love will come......

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