Friday, July 06, 2007

Richard Cranshaw: Rehabilitation? Glam Dicend? Pantheon and Sidhe Nut.

Sidhe attract the light by dint of nomen,
zonkladim cuisle and beat, heart
Intellect wildly done up, ann nea undone
genius the time sidhe come to out
Behind donne's companion, in many
ways, perfect..with which to explore him,
Dick Cranshaw: Musicks Duell: 1646:

an epic of control in beauty, Cranshawe's
One gift to a world that was perfected air
itself. When i first read this piece several
Years ago, it immediately forced itself
into a primary space it has not slipped
From, as the effect was genuine, and
perhaps unblocked me at precognitiion
In level absent conscious, a deep import
of valency and lambency is but platinum
Heat of granite and stare, boring into the
soul of very Art, and if i may, a personal
Joy of the highest order, proffer up
a short section of this few hundred word
Poem of sheer perfection, Cranshaw at
his once in a lifetime best, clearly, equal
Indeed, being a simple unread knowledge
what milleau in which he paced, the list of
go read names, some there, others bluff
And absence in space of a windchime,
history sounding sidhe, now and again
dickie cranshawe left us rann and lay:

"...those precious mysteries that dwell
In musicks ravaged soule dare not tell
But whisper to the world: thus does they vary
Each string his own Note, as if they meant to carry
All...strings life
Oh blest variety attending on
His fingers fairest revolution
In many a sweet rise, many a sweet fall)
A full mouth Diapason swallowes all.
...measure all those wild diversities

Of chatt'ring stringes, by the small size of one
Poore simple voyce, rais'd in Naturall Tone;
Shee failes and failing grieves, and greiving dyes.
Shee dyes; and leaves her life the Victors prise,
Falling upon his Lute, o fit to have
......... "

Musicks Duell - Richard Cranshaw..

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