Monday, October 20, 2008

Sunday Night Live

Hep cat Jack and Al in Vegas, two high balls no hookers, Greg and Ginsey at it like bonobo pygmy chimps with a couple of dwarfs purchased in Walmart - discount for poets - no, no make that a brehon to go, de-capped lower case no need for titular bullshit. Jack was like that, a Kerouac from New Ross, French-Wexford-Canadian, African American, Amergin through and through. Top of the world ma, made it to the cover of a Rolling Stone back when Neal was on the road -- Frisco, circa 1952.

Three bottles later, we sorta sorted out the thoughts in our head into some kind of insane order, got the ball rolling before Obama stepped up to the plate at the railroad, the town hall, the campus, the community and a couple of Sarah Palin's with two John McCains, garbled, frozen eyes in a war on horror, the lies love and truth, well yer hadda be here to prove it, to know what moved us, caught the tune that's now in the music of what passing between us, happened as Setanta prior to becoming Cúchulainn - fought at the ford in Ardee, with the state line Ohio, stump at the railroad, the oval office of Sean and Francis Fitzgerald filling out space with the air so eloquent; only a trace of humanity, irish, low key, democrat-republican lover of the deepest nuance, lives in our history, and man could Jackie blow.


SueG said...

Hi, I found you! I'm Sue Guiney from George Szirtes' blog. Just wanted to say thanks for the invitation up to read in Dublin. It is very tempting. Do you know the Irish poet, Patrick Chapman? He is published by bluechrome, as am I, and we've discussed doing a joint reading sometime. Maybe that can still be organized. I actually go to Ireland 2ce a year -- to a writing retreat called Anam Cara in West Cork. I'll be there for a week in mid-November, but that's still a long way from Dublin. But maybe some day we can make something work. Thanks for the info and good luck with it all.

Background Artist said...

Chapman and i are lovers of the sidhe and were engaging in amazingly erudite intellectual intercourse just a few short weeks prior to this windy day Guiney, my dearest deepest darling Susan.

I would suggest Cassidy'd on the final Wednesday of every month, and if you hit it right, on a night which coincideds with Naked Lunch at Anseo.

Cassidys is organised by Seven Towers Publishing and is at Cassidy's Bar on the final Wednesday of every month. They have guest readers, which is basically one or two of the writers they publish and only guest readers in the sense of publicity purposes, so they can keep the home blurbs burning, the profile of their authors up, and the guests tend not to read longer than everyone else who does, technically in the *open* bits of the reading, but what it boils down to is that it is a very welcoming bunch and everyone mucks on at the mic tegevooarrr.

It would be pointless setting up a *featured* reading in the sense they have where you are, as this is Dublin, and poets are ten a penny. I once went to a reading at Trinity were Andrew Motion was billed as the main draw..oh dear, no one had even heard of him, so names in poetry here unless you are Durcan, Heaney, Kennelly or O'Driscoll, no one will come on the strength of publicity, as this is HQ, and you would love it.
Naked Lunch is every second Wednesday and if you come on a night when this coincides with Seven Towers, then that is top night as you get to read in two seperate and very different kind of environments. One a straight publishing, very slick poetry cafe type of do, the other which goes on later and has more musos than poets, run by three 20 summat ex-UCD kids from Cavan, is the stuff yr ferry memories are made can stay here or in a B&B, i live rioght next door to one, so happy versin, i have to dash and meet paddy..

grá agus síocháin