Monday, August 06, 2007

"..the believer is no longer under the dominion and control of law, but under the dominion and controlling influence of grace. The believer has left the kingdom of spiritual fear for a kingdom of spiritual freedom. Saying that is enough to start a revolution!"

Stephen Davey

Hail the main bore!!

Greetings Literature lovers. Welcome to my gulag.

And for all my fellow competing colleagues who hate and wish a holocaust upon me, i apoligise for being rubbish in print, please go here. I hacked into the Pentagon slush fund account for some CIA work - deniable op fund. Just type in yer bank account number and 50,000 dollars gets transferred straight away, no questions asked, completely deniable to the crooks who put it there in the first place, coz it don't exist see, except in my universal ...blah blah tada yaah..

For your eye is apprehending - as one speaks -


I decree that all who like to read and talk of it in print, please feel free to c'mon and be as windy or silent as yer wunt, at the one all islands' talk-shop spoken of by such eminent verse experts and supremely self-important personages as Schmidt in the London Times, Ricks in the Telegraph, Carol Anne Duffy and Sharon Oldes in Hello, Roberto Potts in Guardian and Dan Gioa in Washington; as the most troll free of places with the most loving chat, and nea a ComBoddie about to be the drippy wan git stopping the flow, the natural Irish way of languid conversation, on books and writing.

Be you purely a reader or Stephen King, it makes no odds in the cyberspace nation of a million welcoming eyes; they who Love in the shack of pure Literacy an all, being contemporary; poetry apprehended and nea a man bag in sight with which to dip in and pull out a pen in order to record its happening, just the full on in yer face'ness of it, a nation of windbags, not listening, nea no never no more, but waiting for us to shut up so they can butt in..tell of its passing by them an all..fievin my c'mon in and be yerself Dear reader.

Being a new dictatorship based on Inclusion and nea fear - and thus silence - but true Free speech, on any and all news. Indeed the reason the press got hold of this site is because we broke the news about Brown, being in Iraq and all wiv george and that, and have writers posting from Guantanemo and Berlin. Putin's PA is secretly talking to me, of the next scoop, during medication time an all

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Glamourpuss said...

So this is what a gulag looks like. I always wondered...

Off to find a manbag now.