Sunday, August 05, 2007


Certainly we star, and when our trajectory and kink is traced,
when the heat of ones current and career-currency is such
as it is when entering the second mythosic phase, all prophets -
true dub souljahs - have when seriously messing about with
ancient myth kitties and such. we will be recorded on black
onyx, the plinth of all cognomen cased upper, nea lower like
some meff of verse kiddas..c'mon, nea never no more, all true
bores sing wiv me now, O let me be your reader, Ahern, ebda
blerté..olé, olé olé olé, get lost bog witchery broomstick breath,
nea the sidhe moves in phantasmagoria and shade, le market
purr as lé singer Sadé does dans le grandé..ta ta laaah..chime
on souljah dub prophet of the straight bowled knowledge from Tír na Og...

For the geasa tuten-kah-moon and the crazee gang, did not remember - the curse of a certain protaganist in a tale being outed, the story becoming spoken by printed voice alone, doing the work of projecting narrative an all..- what can it be but pure instinct..i love it when a plan comes together in the morning, napalm wounded window slats tap an acorn crop, black oil shines beyond a raven blue, look..phwoar..eye the silver fox, see the staggering stumbling wan heavily drinking;

and yet all thread of momento move there, tracing to him and the dodge in a perfect environment for which to practice ones drinking wiv a certain je nous say wha..found in dub only, the right to be a different shape, whatever bleeding colour one so desires, no racism when all the race is but a mass of spacers fighting in empty armchairs and when dreaming, for whatever it is, that 1200 year connection, that edifice of gaelic letters, needs a fully certed lore wo/man, it is i who struck the glyph


you are moi amouré..leader..let me lay down rules in rann; i am not here in anger, i speak as a concerned bore, nosey and a bit lonely, wanting just to be the star, at any cost, any sacrifice and any betrayal, here at hq - imagination - a joke the buzz it is, a trail of ghosts, crossing over, c'mon in, please all speak and be..

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