Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Patrick Kavanagh Celebration 2007

Upstairs in The Palace Bar - Saturday 8 September - and a mad great night of Inclusional collective affirmation, all poets from across the divide, from Paddy Finnegan to David Lordan, Galway to Cork.

Sweeney - Leinster finalist All Ireland Slam Championship 2007..

Dave Lordan - Patrick Kavanagh Winner 2005 - amazingly A1 Live.

Orla Martin - she speaks a superbly luscious language of verbal honey.

Fintan O'Higgins - filidh bardic stock. The O'Higgins dominated Irish letters in Connacht for 500 years, and he has it in his psychic dna, transmitted through the blood of his poet forebears, as much - but probably less - than his belief in the good of Poetry and the peace it can bring

Dr Jessica Peart - Maynooth English expert, brilliant work, and only been going a couple of years on the page, yet seriously gifted, in the most modern way of a highly intelligent mind - certainly in Boland territory, with in the capacity of her imagination that is simply and uniquely, herself.

On the corner of Fleet and Westmoreland Street' the spiritual home of irish writing since english took over and Irish hacks got delivering the rant and praise strangely mixed in some Yeatsean con-trick of smoke and mirror; still blent in the place English language can be suppressed to express a deeper, more human spirit, magic will happen.

And not only in the sense of the spirit of Love, but also for the capacity of taking on human sorrow, to offer as some faint hope, to oneself as others, the collective psyche of the irish poetic experience, connecting in the most terrible of beauty and such, but still, wo/manity first and the spark of wit, evident for all to see and experience.

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